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In Memoriam of KFH – 8.8.1989

A Gentle, Humane Man Who Was Deeply Loved and Gave Love & Unwavering Love to TLP

As a child you were my muse and connecting through the unspoken gaze we became impenetrable. Now a formidable woman in your own right; Your beauty engulfs me, your brilliance captivates me, and your visage reflecting on the water, like a magnificent sunset, sets my heart free.

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Natalie – The Essence of a Beautiful Woman

The image of my Aunt Natalie would be one of my first childhood memories…I remember being in the kitchen with the sunlight beaming through the window and her eyes, with dark circles, so heavy with sadness. As an impressionable 4-year-old child I would stare into her eyes and inquisitively ask her what was wrong with her eyes? She replied it’s just the glare of the sunlight that was bothering them. What we do and say to protect children from the realities of life, but I knew the truth even at that very innocent age. Something was terribly wrong and I FELT IT!
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A Personal Passage From the Founder

As I reflect on my career I find myself deeply humbled by the trust my clients bestow onto me. To cast a spotlight and expose one’s vulnerabilities, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors to another takes courage, grit, will, and fortitude…if it was easy everyone would be on the “couch”.
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