Atticus’ Perspective


“We come in peace, but we mean business”
Janelle Monáe

Atticus would like to preface the following by stating; he firmly believes that the majority of Judges, Attorneys, Law Enforcement and Mental Health Professionals are humane, thoughtful, and dedicated to serving the public with dignity.

We cannot deny that there are rotten apples, in all professions, that lack a moral compass and use their platform to exploit and destroy the lives of innocent people for personal gain.

We are living in bizarre times to say the least. There is Global, National, and Local Systemic Corruption that has cost the lives of innocent people and dismantled families for the sole purpose of power, greed, and villainy.

This became evident in the devastating and tragic case of an 8- year-old Autistic boy named Thomas Valva who was allegedly murdered by his abusive father and fiancé. Thomas’ mother, Justina, fought tirelessly to obtain custody of her three boys. Justina had a wealth of documentation from various institutions and professionals along with video recordings as evidence of the abuse.

When Ms. Valva stood before the Judge, she represented herself pro-se (without an attorney). This should have been the first RED FLAG, especially when addressing custody cases. If one party has the financial power over the other this is an issue that ought to be examined more fervently by the courts. A smart, prudent, and astute Judge would have taken pause and recognized that there was a financial disparity between the parties, an imbalance of power. But not in this case! On the contrary the Judge and Court Evaluator chose to turn a blind eye to the mountain of evidence before them. This case would become a national headline resulting in a murder investigation that would uncover a tsunami of horrific abuse and branding the Judicial System with a Scarlett Letter that will be forever imprinted on their backs.

Shockingly, there was a rap sheet of complaints, as long as the LIE, on this particular Judge. For years, Long Island Backstory has been highlighting cases regarding the lives and families that have been destroyed by corrupt Judges who “pay the way” to line the pockets of diabolical lawyers.

In this current climate, people, especially in power, may feel emboldened along with a false sense of security thinking they are “immune” to the homicidal consequences of their backdoor decisions byway of their blatant lies and crafty Legal Jargon. However, their day of reckoning is coming like a slow moving coup, which became apparent in the Valva Case!

NUTS is based on a true story starring Barbara Streisand as Claudia Draper, a high-class call girl, who kills one of her Johns in self-defense. This classic movie showcases the psychological effects of abuse on both a familial and systemic level.

Ms. Draper’s life is in the hands of her ignorant Court Appointed Psychiatrist’s Evaluation. Unfortunately, the Evaluator can’t see his way through a paper-bag no less perform the proper Evaluation required in a case with such psychological complexity and the need for a critical thinking professional. Contrary, the Evaluator had a “Gaslighter Personality” with an arrested development, lacking intellectual rigor, was judgmental and biased. Ms. Draper did not stand a chance in hell against this diabolical creature with his own self-serving agenda.

However, the Judge and Ms. Draper’s lawyer, played by Richard Dreyfuss, were brilliant! The Judge properly overruled and rejected the Evaluators Report and Testimony. The Judge’s prudent legal determination is an example that the system can get it right.

When we appoint scholarly cerebral Judges with the ability for critical thought and who refuse to be Gaslighted by their professional counterparts amazing things begin to emerge. As a result, the collective consciousness of our society can start to rebuild their faith in Humanity and the Judicial System.

NUTS is a psychological drama that would tell a story and reveal the painful truth about one woman’s life and properly restore her well-deserved credibility.

“Even a prostitute has the right to choose who she sleeps with” KFH, 1983….. A man of great depth, compassion, and self-respect.