A Personal Passage From the Founder


As I reflect on my career I find myself deeply humbled by the trust my clients bestow onto me. To cast a spotlight and expose one’s vulnerabilities, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors to another takes courage, grit, will, and fortitude…if it was easy everyone would be on the “couch”.

It is an arduous but gratifying path if one chooses to examine their unconscious thoughts in order to facilitate behavioral changes rather than stay the course of denial and self-sabotaging behaviors which has created paralysis in one’s life. Letting go is such an internal process that only the individual experiencing it truly comprehends how empowering and surreal the sensation feels. It is the healthiest vitamin that one can digest, and once it is achieved in one aspect of your life it begins to grow tentacles spreading and morphing into various facets of your life. Thus, letting go develops into an innate organic mechanism, like a flame ignited deep within your core, becoming as natural as the breath we take and the air we breathe.

Letting go is a gift you give to yourself; but it can be both joyful and uncomfortable, and it comes with a mixed bag of consequences and results. Sometimes letting go is more emotive in nature and sometimes it is more concrete; i.e. letting go of unhealthy relationships that may have been avoided due to primal and embedded psychological issues, possibly stemming from unresolved childhood experiences, interactions, and traumas, now becomes attainable and an undeniable reality.

The therapeutic process also encapsulates traveling deep within the psyche for the search of one’s truth, facing long plagued demons, being accountable, and embracing acceptance. This is characterized by analyzing a situation from all perspectives then compartmentalizing which results in owning responsibility for your function and awareness of each person’s role and the wisdom to know the difference.

There is no doubt that it is comfortable to grasp onto the past and what is familiar and navigating new terrain can be a balancing act of sorts, but once you gain your footing there is no turning back.

So, to future clients yet unknown to me, and to my clients who have committed themselves to the psychotherapeutic process, it is important to recognize that you are in exceptional company and you should be proud that you choose to take the step toward internal revolution rather than remain in a state of stasis. You are organic creatures permeating and pollinating the earth with your choices, actions, and reactions; so, remember to take pause, think, and continue to act with presence of thought.

Respect & gratitude,