Dr. Susan Gaylord

Dr. Susan Gaylord – PH.D.

Psychologist & Professor

Hicksville, NY

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Dr. Susan Gaylord obtained her Ph.D. from Hofstra University with her Dissertation on Message Framing and Weight Loss. She holds a Master’s in Psychology from Adelphi University and a BA from Long Island University, CW Post. Dr. Gaylord is a member of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies and the New York City Behavioral Therapy Association. She is an adjunct Professor at St. John’s University where she lectures on the following; Abnormal Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, Honors Child Psychology, and Psychopathology Across the Lifespan I & II. Prior to her position as Adjunct Professor, Dr. Gaylord was the Associate Director at the infancy Research Laboratory at St. John’s University. In this notable role she supervised doctoral fellows, oversaw recruitment, and collected and analyzed data.

Dr. Gaylord has extensive school Psychology experience and was a per diem School Psychologist in three public schools across Long Island. Presently, she performs cognitive assessments for pre-school age children analyzing and interpreting test results in addition she evaluates exam scores to make general recommendations for middle school students who have been identified as “gifted”.

Dr. Gaylord’s has impressive credentials and notable research and clinical experience with an emphasis in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Susan is Certified in Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for TICS (CBIT) by the Tourette Association of America and treats children and adults presenting with a range of psychological disorders including, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, TICS, Tourette Syndrome, Borderline Personality Disorder, Autism and Mood Disorders. She will utilize various techniques such as assertiveness training, increase coping skills, examining automatic thoughts, activities planning, problem-solving, and life skills among others.

Susan has dedicated her life to her family, friends, and the community for which she resides. Susan is a beloved daughter, sister, and a remarkable humanitarian who volunteers her valuable time at the Child Abuse Prevention Services in Roslyn New York. Previously, she volunteered at Little Village School encouraging greater eye contact and social interaction with a small group of autistic children. Susan is a woman of well-deserved distinction and it is an honor and a privilege to have Dr. Gaylord join our dedicated Team of professionals here at First Step.