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Psychoanalysis & Psychodynamic

Psychoanalysis is the examination of the Client’s unconscious and conscious behavioral patterns that determine and shape their way of thinking. Theoretically: that once the Client is educated and self-aware, with regard to their repressed unconscious and conscious wishes, they will make healthier lifestyle choices. Historically, the Psychoanalyst rarely reveals their feelings and/or viewpoints with the Client during the therapy sessions however, that approach has shifted through the years, and sometimes the Analyst will be more interactive with the Client. Dream interpretation and free association are techniques that are used to acquire a deeper understanding of one’s repressed fears thus helping them cope better, to let go and move forward. Psychodynamic developed from Freudian Psychoanalysis and follows the same principles as Psychoanalysis by way of bringing one’s unconscious thoughts to a conscious level to raise self-awareness resulting in internal conflict resolution. Psychoanalysis is more intensive and Psychodynamic is less concentrated and insight-oriented. How the Client interacts/responds to the Analyst can be very revealing and provide a deeper understanding as to why the Client reacts and interrelates with other people in their lives.

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