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Deirdre J. Holland – LCSW-R

Founder and CEO

Hicksville, NY

(516) 330-8422

Deirdre Holland is the Founder and CEO of First Step Therapy & Wellness Group and the First Step Directory. Ms. Holland is a Top-Rated Industry leader, expert, and innovator in the Mental Health and Wellness sector. Deirdre continues to build and expand the First Step Brand which has become a symbol of empowerment and excellence.


Ms. Holland comes from a very colorful and complex background riddled with adversity transforming into determination. Her deep desire to help people struggling with various types of traumatic experiences was influenced by a generational and familial legacy rooted in mental illness compounded by accumulative trauma and a fractured legal system.


Throughout her life Deirdre always felt misunderstood, especially during early childhood and adolescence, where teachers labeled her as “lazy and distracted”, just to name a few, on progress reports. She would be placed in “modified classes”, where she recalls being the only girl and/or felt like she was, amongst these beautiful and wounded boys desperately seeking attention through self-destructive behavior. Sadly, some of them would fall victim to our prison system and for others the pain was so gripping that suicide would be a devastating option.  As Deirdre looks in the rearview mirror she is baffled as to why she and others were so flippantly classified with these negative annotations?  Did anyone THINK that perhaps some of these children were experiencing childhood traumas that led them to self-destruction and isolation?


Nearing early adulthood, and in the middle of the night, Deirdre would be awakened by a loud “thud” with her mother’s voice calling out “Kenny”. In that blink she knew her father was dead, and her life would be completely shattered. Deirdre’s father would be the only person in her life that provided her with a solid sense of safety, stability, and protection…his death would be a defining moment leaving her completely raw and in shock as years passed. Although the events of that fateful night and the years that followed will be forever seared into her memory she is determined to follow in her father’s footsteps and live by the example of his thoughtful actions and generous spirit.


With the help of a beautiful and nurturing psychoanalyst Deirdre would turn her life around. For over three decades GA would steadfastly be by her side creating a safe space where Deirdre was able to express herself, regain her footing, and find her way back home. The therapeutic process has, and still is both, a very painful and joyful process that Deirdre finds profoundly fascinating and intriguing. GA’s guidance and moral disposition would have a direct positive impact on Deirdre’s personal and professional choices. GA’s fine-turned ear along with her remarkable ability to suspend judgement would seep into Deirdre’s unconscious and change the entire trajectory of her life, for which she will be eternally grateful.


Deirdre has dedicated her life to community service. She loves elevating people and watching them meet their highest potential and achieve their goals. She is passionate about giving back to individuals who have been marginalized by society and a fractured Judicial System whereby a portion of the First Step Directory membership fees are donated to the Innocence Project. In addition, Deirdre has made it her mission to put a spotlight on and expose Eldercare and Guardianship Financial Exploitation and Abuse. Article 81 Mental Hygiene Law Guardianship proceedings is a well-hidden, highly secretive, strategically organized, and closely protected legalized Multi-Billion-Dollar industry lurking in the underbelly and corrupt world of the United States Judicial System. To disrupt and dismantle this legalized crime family would be financially devastating to the legal beneficiaries and rock the very foundation of the entire judicial system of wolves robed in sheep’s clothing. This is one of the reasons that our appointed officials turn a deliberate blind eye to this diabolical scheme to exploit and victimize our most vulnerable populations. Legal Scholar, Mr. Stratos Pahis’, detailed analysis in the Yale Law Journal “Corruption in Our Courts: What It Looks Like And Where It Is Hidden” is both illuminating and disturbing. Corruption goes as deep as the administrative underlings all the way to the top of the legal canal and everything in-between. One lesson that the American people should take away from this information is to vigorously engage in conflict resolution at all costs to prevent legal escalation byway of retaining Counsel.


Deirdre is also a proud honoree of Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) and an organ body donor for the Weil Cornell Medicine Donor Program. Once your organs have been donated your ashes will be respectfully given to your loved ones at no cost. Ms. Holland is a strong proponent of science, and she believes that healthcare should, and must be, a basic and fundamental human right to maintain the moral fiber and universal health of an integrated society.

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