Substance Use Disorder (SUD), Addiction/Alcoholism Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)/Pain Killers

Description of the Diagnosis/Issue

Addiction embodies numerous branches of Addictive Behaviors and Substances ranging from illicit Drugs/Alcohol Use, Prescription Medications, Gambling and everything in between. The Harmful repeated use and Abuse can impair Brain Functioning causing memory and behavioral variants that can lead to dangerous and long-term Consequences such as Legal, Medical, and fractured Interpersonal relationships with Family, Friends, and Colleagues. Unfortunately, the more one uses the greater the tolerance to the chemical thus the need to increase the quantity to maintain and retain the effects of said Substance. Peer Pressure and Low-Self Esteem are some of the reasons people will begin to experiment and there are Risk Factors that increase a persons chances i.e. Genetics, broken Family system/Environment, Mental Health Diagnosis, and early age usage/onset. OUD is Chronic and seems to have the most adverse affects and a higher recidivism rate due to the fact that Opioids generate a greater level of satisfaction creating temptation and continued use regardless of the toxic penalties.

Types of Treatment Modalities/ Interventions

The good news is that SUD is a Treatable Disease and there are a number of Interventions tailored to the individuals needs i.e. Outpatient (Counseling & Medication), Inpatient and/or Hospitalization to monitor and manage Withdrawal symptomotology, Rehabilitation Facilities, and Support Groups that target a shared Addiction are just a few Treatable options.