Description of the Diagnosis/Issue

Grief encompasses a variety of feelings that is triggered by a loss: most often death of a loved one; a terminal illness, such as cancer; a job, and/or property through a theft or Natural Disaster. The overwhelming emotions are a natural response and one can feel tremendous Loneliness, Isolation, Shock, Sadness, and Depression. There are many Stages Of Grief that require patience and sometimes the pain can ease over time.

Types of Treatment Modalities/ Interventions

Mental Health Clinicians and Medical Experts will implement a variety of Interventions and Treatment Modalities to treat Grief. EMDR, CBT, Traditional Talk Therapy and Support/ Bereavement Groups can be very effective. Support Groups can Educate and help a person understand the various Stages Of Grief and they can also help the person feel more connected and less Isolated and alone in there Grief.