Description of the Diagnosis/Issue

There are many types of Dementia and sadly there is no cure and the cause of this Progressive Disease of the mind is unknown. Dementia adversely impacts and impairs the Brain’s Memory and one’s Cognitive faculties become severely compromised. An individual can experience a variety of Symptoms and Personality changes i.e. Confusion, Paranoia, Memory Loss, Outbursts of Anger, Speech Retrieval difficulties, Poor Judgment, and an overall decline of an individuals Mental and Emotional functioning.

Types of Treatment Modalities/ Interventions

Unfortunately, it is unclear if any Medical Interventions have any sustainable effective. Cognitive Stimulation Therapy maybe a Treatment option for mild/moderate Dementia. Cholinesterase Inhibitors and other Medications maybe introduced depending on the person’s needs. Isolation can accelerate this insidious Disease and Socialization, a Healthy Nutritious Diet, and Engaging in enjoyable activities can temper and ease the progression.