Bipolar Disorder

Description of the Diagnosis/Issue

There are four types of Bipolar Disorder but the main symptom can be described as Extreme Mood Swings i.e. Mania and Depression. The Mood Swings can impact one’s Judgment, cause Insomnia, Racing Thoughts, inability to think coherently, Hopelessness, Depression, Irritability, Increased Energy, and Agitation.

Types of Treatment Modalities/ Interventions

Bipolar Disorder cannot be Prevented but the Symptoms can be managed through utilizing both Psychopharmacologies and various Psychotherapeutic Interventions. The most common Medications are Mood Stabilizing Drugs which may be used in conjunction with other Medications as Prescribed by a Physician. A Healthy Nutritious Diet along with Exercise and Socialization is essential when treating and addressing Medical and Mental Health Conditions.